{We offer solutions without causing new problems}

There are ideas and products that, once launched, improve conditions of living, ameliorate everyday life, increase wellbeing.
It is about products that offer solutions without causing new problems.

{TO BE THINK is specialized}

in innovative and well thought out products with positive effects on general health and a wholesome lifestyle. The product range of TO BE THINK aims to assist individuals in taking responsibility for their own health.

The portfolio

TO BE THINK's brand portfolio builds upon various aspects of health promotion – preventive, accompanying, supportive – to promote wellbeing, vitality and enjoyment.

Targeted at useful contributions to improve quality of life, TO BE THINK implements ideas to support individuals in preserving their health as well as reducing any possible impairment caused by physical constraints.

The Activity

TO BE THINK's array of activities is not restricted to a single category of product or a specific area of health promotion; legibility criteria consist in a product's quality with regards to its value for the client.

Operating from Switzerland, TO BE THINK collaborates with specialists from all over the world. TO BE THINK's brands are based on elaborate concepts developed in close cooperation with experts from various fields and sectors in consideration of the entire production cycle and life span of the final product.

{Diligence and precision}

Incorporating latest technological and scientific achievements does not conflict craftsmanship and tradition. Diligence and precision traditionally ensure the superior reliability of Swiss clockwork.

In association with our network

of manufacturers and partners, comprising small enterprises aswell as corporate groups operating on a global scale, TO BE THINK unifies tradition with innovation.

In light of the challenges of our age, a responsible handling of economical, ecological and social resources plays an important role – not merely for strategic reasons, but by conviction.

TO BE THINK analyzes ideas
TO BE THINK is diligence and precision
TO BE THINK is specialized in innovative products


The ENTSCHEIDERFABRIK takes over the incubator function in the health industry, with 33 associations, over 800 clinic locations and 120 industrial companies, the future-oriented development in everyday hospital life is promoted.