{The use of scientific knowledge and technical achievements
for the benefit of the people is one of the challenges of our time}

As a technology company and think tank for innovations
in medical high tech products, we are facing up to this challenge.

{The Activities}

We are active in the following areas: Research in the fields of medical 4.0 technologies.
The Use of interdisciplinary soft and hardware technologies contributing to our own development as well as the financing of medical 4.0 projects.

Medicine 4.0

Our daily lives are characterised by rapid changes and progress. Digitisation, especially in the field of medicine and nursing, can open up many possibilities, that seemed out of reach a few years ago. The goal of Medicine 4.0 is to use IT-driven procedures in order to record results and optimise treatments in ethically acceptable conditions. While optimising the available technical, medical and therapeutic resources.

Our main focus is the patient and his individual needs. Resulting in specialised diagnoses and therapeutic approaches. The use of Medicine 4.0 offers a variety of advantages for the individual patient and brings with it an array of benefits. Personalized therapy, derived from thousands of analyzed and treated cases, that are subject to strict quality and performance control.

{Sustainable Technologies}

We choose future oriented technologies in the fields of medical 4.0 products. Together with our partners from the clinical research department we endeavour towards quality assurance and the subsequent development of our products according to international specifications.

Human dignity is our foremost concern.



The ENTSCHEIDERFABRIK takes over the incubator function in the health industry, with 33 associations, over 800 clinic locations and 120 industrial companies, the future-oriented development in everyday hospital life is promoted.

{Medical high-tech products for the benefit of the people}

We, as a technology company for high tech medical innovations,
act as an incubator for disruptive technologies and applications in the areas of medical 4.0 products.